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Forest fruit | Tea Sinensis

Forest fruit

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In midsummer the scarlet, dark red, dark blue and violet fruits gleam on sunny forest edges and slopes  all the way from valleys to mountain regions. In terms of aroma and taste, forest fruits are unsurpassable compared to fruits from the garden. Who did not look for them and nibble them with wonder as a child? Tasting this black tea blend makes you think of a basket full of ripe berries, plucked at sunrise on a warm summer day. The rich berry decoration leaves no wishes unfulfilled. Ingredients: black tea (92 %), flavouring, elderberries, freeze-dried whole blackberries, raspberry leaves, freeze-dried raspberry pieces. 

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Un té que nos animamos a probar en casa y que de seguro repetiremos. Nos ha encantado.

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Forest fruit

Forest fruit

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