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Tiramisu Mascarpone | Tea Sinensis

Tiramisu Mascarpone

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The light Irish coffee taste, complemented by a hint of sweet caramel pieces, is refined by mascarpone. Spiced up by the richly contrasting blossoms and coffee beans, the attractive decoration enhances the quality of this blend. Simply irresistible! Ingredients: Rooibos tea, chocolate chips (sugar, ground cocoa beans with cocoa butter, powdered cocoa, emulsifying agent: soy lecithin), brittle pieces (sugar, hazelnuts, invert sugar), cream caramel pieces (sweetened, skimmed condensed milk, sugar, glucose molasses, butter fat, wetting agent: sorbitol, emulsifying agent: mono- and diglyceride of edible fatty acids), flavouring, freeze-dried yoghurt granules (skimmed milk yogurt, sugar, malt dextrin, modified starch, acidifying agent: citric acid), roasted coffee beans, Roman camomile.

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Tiramisu Mascarpone

Tiramisu Mascarpone

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